[Qgis-developer] Various issues

Giovanni Manghi giovanni.manghi at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 02:15:27 PST 2014

> * reprojecting a metric projection to 4326, choosing an ellipsoid and
> a measurement unit in Project properties is not permanent (reopening
> the dialog displays none/planimetric and degrees even if wg84 and
> meters were selected beforehand)

it is messy as already said by Alexander, and that ticket should be reopened.

sometimes seems to follow a pattern like:

If you open the project properties from the menus the ellipsoid changes, but not
the canvas units.

If you open the project properties from the bottom right icon/shortcut
the ellipsoid
does not change, but units do.

other times it seems it just messes up everything regardless of what
you have choosen and
how you open the project properties.

This to me is a major issue because the user never knows how reliable
are the measurements being done
(with the field calculator) and if numbers can be compared with the
ones computed previously.

> * with the same reprojection, Decoration > Scalebar shows 1 meter
> instead of 1 degree

cannot confirm here, it shows degrees

> * when using curved labels with a background, a separate background
> (e.g. a rectangle) is drawn for each character, with rather ugly results

for better results
the "size type" of the background must be set to "fixed" (and then
give it the proper size).

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