[Qgis-developer] Ugly jumping maps while zooming

Sandro Santilli strk at keybit.net
Tue Dec 23 15:14:58 PST 2014

On Tue, Dec 23, 2014 at 02:12:48PM +0100, Matthias Kuhn wrote:

> I think we need to distinguish a bit more in several categories of bugs
> and features.
> *Regression bugs*
> These are the bugs that affect previously working functionality. Like
> the "ugly jumping maps while zooming". If something like this happens
> it's normally tagged as blocker and a good reason to revert a commit
> (unless fixed in a timely manner). The "ugly jumping..." has been fixed
> (although in a way that I understood is not "perfect" but seems to be
> "good enough"). Are there other bugs like this left?

None that I know of. Nothing like this filed on hub.

> *New-feature-not-yet-polished-enough bugs*
> Like the one "rotation not reset after loading new project". They do not
> affect users that don't touch the new features. IMO such bugs should not
> keep a feature out of master but could justify an "experimental" tag and
> explicit turning on the feature (we should get the config dialog to not
> clutter the options with it). E.g. firefox has a number of features that
> are only available via "about:config".

I'm ready to work on implementing such configuration as next step.
Someone suggested a command-line only way to enable it.
I'd go further suggesting an environment variable.

> *Feature does things the wrong way*
> That is, a new feature takes code-wise or usability-wise an approach
> that is not desirable. Such a thing should normally be spotted by the
> reviewer but we cannot guarantee that the reviewer spots it so it should
> also be possible to come up with this after merging. However, reasons
> for this have to be stated so a developer can understand either _how_ he
> can improve the code or _why_ it is not desirable at all. Are there
> things that fall into this category with the rotation feature?

I think a couple of issues could fall in this category:

 - PAL labeling support for rotation.
   Larry suggested to pre-rotate vectors before labeling,
   which makes sense to me. This is tracked here:

 - MapCanvasItem size and position tracking
   Martin suggested a way to add knowledge about rotation
   which is currently missing. This is tracked here:


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