[Qgis-developer] translation: breaking ts file up in parts for transifex ?

Richard Duivenvoorde rdmailings at duif.net
Sun Feb 16 01:46:03 PST 2014

Hi Devs & translators,

one plan for the next hackfest is to get the translation of QGIS itself
in to transifex.

We already did some testing, and one of the things that is missed, is
the notion of the context grouping: knowing if you'e in a 'contexthelp'
part or in the 'wmsdialog' part translating. A this moment going to one
of tests, the strings are one huge blob...


I asked a question in the forum of transifex about this:


Their conclusion was: split up the ts file into parts.

My question to devs/community: should or can we do this?
My feeling is that it adds complexity==problems to it.

Or do we have other options or ideas?

Plz input.


Richard Duivenvoorde

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