[Qgis-developer] [Qgis-community-team] translation: breaking ts file up in parts for transifex ?

Werner Macho werner.macho at gmail.com
Sun Feb 16 03:15:46 PST 2014

Hi Richard!

I think the translation files can be split up like taking the name of
the file and just include the translations thats inside this file.
This should definitely be possible somehow .. But that would also mean
we have to put them together again after translation on transifex to
be able to use the file in QGIS (unless it is possible to read a lot
of single files(which would slow down the start procedure anyway I

I know that translation would be a lot easier and faster with a lot
more people participating on transifex but I also agree with some
parts that Alex brought up.
It might be possible that the quality will become lower and there is
also my biggest worry about the sync in between transifex and the main

For experienced people it will definitely be easier to stick to the
current workflow so I think nothing is fixed yet and we have a lot of
things to discuss, try out and test at the end of march ..

kind regards

On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 4:46 PM, Richard Duivenvoorde
<rdmailings at duif.net> wrote:
> Hi Devs & translators,
> one plan for the next hackfest is to get the translation of QGIS itself
> in to transifex.
> We already did some testing, and one of the things that is missed, is
> the notion of the context grouping: knowing if you'e in a 'contexthelp'
> part or in the 'wmsdialog' part translating. A this moment going to one
> of tests, the strings are one huge blob...
> https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/apptest/viewstrings/#nl
> I asked a question in the forum of transifex about this:
> http://support.transifex.com/customer/portal/questions/5456317-can-tx-separate-contexts-from-ts-files-as-separate-resources
> Their conclusion was: split up the ts file into parts.
> My question to devs/community: should or can we do this?
> My feeling is that it adds complexity==problems to it.
> Or do we have other options or ideas?
> Plz input.
> Regards,
> Richard Duivenvoorde
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