[Qgis-developer] Post-release period of portable commits only?

Jürgen E. Fischer jef at norbit.de
Mon Feb 24 01:31:53 PST 2014

Hi Mathieu,

On Mon, 24. Feb 2014 at 15:42:19 +0700, Mathieu Pellerin wrote:
> Nightly builds (or weekly snapshots for that matter) are very different
> from a publicized, pre-release preview build. With a prepared pre-release
> preview, users are at least expecting that basic functioning will work,
> that's something  the nightly builds simply can't guarantee by the nature
> of what those are.

Why not?  We're talking about a feature freezed period!?  The nightly build
is a snapshot what what will get release.  Where do you see a difference?

> Very few average user will install a nightly development build, but you get
> an higher chance of getting a broader number of people (that interacts with
> QGIS in different ways) to test out your product before it's released.

Why should it matter if we call it "weekly snapshot", "nightly build" or
"prerelease"?   It's the same thing, just the tag is different.  And
installation is essential as easy as installing the stable release.

> It also helps channel what your describing as noise (i.e. users running
> into problems) into a better managed call for people to test and report.
> The noise will happen no matter what. But it might make some sense to
> trigger some of that noise (valid bugs and "invalid" RTFM cases) _before_
> you release your final version via a pre-release social media and news site
> "try this pre-release build" :)

> It's really more a matter of presentation to the users than of actual work.

Exactly.  And that's what I meant with noise: "tada, there's a new weekly
snapshot/prerelease/nightly build" - not users running into problems.  Because
I see that as the only significant difference to what we already have.


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