[Qgis-developer] QGIS Server SLD GetStyles method bug?

Marco Hugentobler marco.hugentobler at sourcepole.ch
Mon Jan 6 02:07:06 PST 2014


QGIS server has its own GetStyle method because implementation of the 
server started based on WMS 1.3/SLD1.1. It seems OGC GetStyles is only  
present in WMS1.1.1/SLD1.0 and has been dropped afterwards. So it seems 
to me the bug in the server code is that GetStyles is directed to QGIS 

I'm aware that WMS 1.1.1/SLD1.0 are very frequently used. So a patch to 
add OGC GetStyles behaviour for 1.1.1 is very welcome.


On 06.01.2014 09:40, Alessandro Pasotti wrote:
> 2014/1/3 rldhont <rldhont at gmail.com <mailto:rldhont at gmail.com>>
>     Le 03/01/2014 18:09, Alessandro Pasotti a écrit :
>>     2014/1/3 rldhont <rldhont at gmail.com <mailto:rldhont at gmail.com>>
>>         Hi,
>>         It's just because the STYLE parameter is mandatory in GetMap
>>         Request and GetStyle is based on it.
>>         If QGIS-Server will implement multi-styles, STYLE parameter
>>         will be usefull like in GetMap.
>>     Thanks,
>>     just to be sure: are you saying that GetStyle implementation in
>>     QGIS Mapserver is based on GetMap and hence the parameter is
>>     needed (even if unused) or that the OGC standard says that
>>     GetStyle is kind of sub method of GetMap and it requires all
>>     mandatory parameters of GetMap?
>     Yes, but GetStyle is not an OGC defined method.
>     The method defined by OGC is GetStyles to retrieve all the layer's
>     styles.
>     You can open a bug, and discussing about GetStyle and GetStyles
>     request.
> Thanks, I'll do, but first I need to know why the QGIS Server code is 
> as ist is, I can't believe it's just an error.
> I'm still confused: I know that GetStyles is an OGC method and 
> GetStyle isn't, but QGIS apparently doesn't, see line 705 in 
> qgis_map_serv.cpp :
> request.compare( "GetStyles", Qt::CaseInsensitive ) == 0 || 
> request.compare( "GetStyle", Qt::CaseInsensitive )
> so, it seems like QGIS server will serve both GetStyle and GetStyles 
> exactly the same.
> Second point (that was my original problem) is why the STYLE parameter 
> that is both unused and out of the specifications is mandatory, unless 
> I'm completely missing the point, I dont' think it is a good idea to 
> keep it.
> So, please explain me why QGIS Server behaves like that, and if  there 
> is not a good reason, just tell me and I can provide a patch to remove 
> that stuff.
> -- 
> Alessandro Pasotti
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