[Qgis-developer] Date/time widget

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Wed Jan 8 05:04:51 PST 2014

Il 08/01/2014 12:00, Matthias Kuhn ha scritto:

> I'm currently working on a refactoring of the editor widgets, mainly to
> make them work asynchronously. This will make them much more pleasant to
> use and to maintain and open up new possibilities such as having
> non-modal attribute dialogs.

Good news, thanks.

> This means, that at the moment, I would not recommend to touch this
> code, but instead to wait for these changes to be merged. I will publish
> a branch for testing in the next days.

fine, looking forward to it

> Amongst other things, also Issue #4417 [1] is solved, with code provided
> by Danial Vaz in the long-standing PR752 [2]

even better. what about other bugs, e.g. #8818, #8820, etc.?

> If there is sponsoring available for fixing the date-time issue, please
> let me know and I will happily include this in the refactoring work.

unfortunately I have no resources for this; I can try to motivate one of
our customers however, feel free to give more details in private.

All the best.
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