[Qgis-developer] attribute table issues

Alessandro Pasotti apasotti at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 02:46:14 PST 2014

2014/1/13 Régis Haubourg <regis.haubourg at eau-adour-garonne.fr>

> Hi there,
> as feature freeze is coming, I raise an issue i didn't find in the lists or
> in the tracker.
> When working with attribute table, I had many problems on a classical use
> case. I just explore attribute table, filter, order, and then select lines,
> and zoom on the map.
> - selection of lines is very slow even for small tables. Do we need to
> trigger redraws when the selected features are not in current canvas?
> Anyway, selecting/ unselecting is to slow
> - selected line(s) are grey, and my eyes can't see a difference with other
> non selected lines. I liked old blue 1.x color.
> - When selecting a set of feature (using maps tools or expression), my
> first
> idea is to explore the selected fetaures one by one. So I click on one and
> then will zoom on the feature, but this refreshes current selection. When
> displaying only selected items, I loose then my set of selected objects.
> What is the right workflow? Is there a way to convert a manual selection
> set
> into a filter? Or could we add a contextual click to 'zoom on the feature',
> not modifying current selection?
> Tell me if I need to open tickets or if someone is already on it.
> Cheers,
> Régis

I'd just add to your notes that IMHO the current attribute search is much
less usable than the old one, I feel that the most frequent operation is
filtering but you have now to dig into the combo and choose "column filter"
to actvate one, while in previous versions the filtering functions were
immediately available.

Alessandro Pasotti
w3:   www.itopen.it
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