[Qgis-developer] Getting debug messages under windows

Matthias Kuhn matthias.kuhn at gmx.ch
Mon Jan 20 01:42:36 PST 2014

Hi Olivier,

I don't work that much on Windows, so my experience may not cover all 

In my experience, the easiest thing is to start the application from 
VS. Do this, by right clicking the "qgis" project in the Solution 
Explorer and click "Set as StartUp project". Then click the play button 
(or Debug => Start Debugging). Now, the debug output should be in the 
Output window of VS (If compiled with RelWithDebInfo). I think it is 
also possible to attach Visual Studio to a running process, which 
should help as well. Or there is a tool called DebugView which is 
supposed to help, if VS is not installed.


On Mon 20 Jan 2014 12:39:39 AM CET, Olivier Dalang wrote:
> Hi !
> While being a C++ newbie, I've been able to build QGIS under Windows
> by following the very precise information in the INSTALL file. Thanks
> to this, I managed to do already some very small contributions to the
> core.
> However, I've never been able to get debug output, which is refraining
> me from doing more... I've searched a lot, and found a lot of stuff,
> but nothing which worked or which made sense to me.
> It seems I have to change the cmake option : -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=DEBUG
> I don't know what that is, nor how to change it. I've set the target
> to RELWITHDEBINFO in VCExpress (as stated in INSTALL), but that does
> not seem to be sufficient to get any output.
> I'm not even sure : is the output supposed to be printed in the
> command prompt from which I launched QGIS ?
> Thanks a lot in advance !
> Olivier
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