[Qgis-developer] Can we deactivate the Select datum transformations dialog by default?

Anita Graser anitagraser at gmx.at
Mon Jan 20 09:35:50 PST 2014


I suggest to deactivate the Select datum transformations dialog by default.

Here is why:
- Most users are happy with the default transformations. (I assume that's  
the case because it's not often a topic in the support channels.)
- It adds at least two more clicks for opening a layer (if it has to be  
- Opening old project files is a real pain (until you notice and decide to  
use "remember selection").
- Many users have no idea what to do with the dialog. It's just a list of  
weird parameters which most have never seen before. You only get some  
information about "preferred" and "deprecated" transformations on  
- Hiding deprecated transformations does not seem to work currently  
(tested with nightly on Windows 7).
- Users who need non-standard transformations could add them to their QGIS  
- I think we would just scare away users if the first thing they see when  
they try to load some dataset is this dialog.

Best wishes,


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