[Qgis-developer] Can we deactivate the Select datum transformations dialog by default?

Ramon Andiñach custard at westnet.com.au
Tue Jan 21 00:22:30 PST 2014

I like these ideas.

I'd still want the more information to be informative without having to mouse over it.

*wishes he had a surveying department to do things for him*

On 21/01/2014, at 15:31 , Matthias Kuhn wrote:

> Hi,
> The main problem for me is the modal popup which breaks the workflow and it's not easy to grasp the meaning the first time you see it.
> Alternatives:
> Message bar:
> "Default transformation settings have been chosen for layers 'Moon' and 'Mars'. If you would like to change the settings please click here. For more information click here."
> Or in the TOC there could be a small exclamation mark next to affected layers, and the mouseover could give a hint about "unconfirmed transformation" and how to solve it. This would be even less intrusive.
> Matthias
> On Tue 21 Jan 2014 08:24:04 AM CET, Marco Hugentobler wrote:
>> Hi
>> I can live with either showing / not showing by default.
>> Just note that without showing, many people are receiving wrong
>> transformation results without any hint. In my opinion, a normal GIS
>> user should never have to do otf-reprojection, it is far to error
>> prone (better, let the surveying departement do the conversion between
>> different systems).
>> Regards,
>> Marco
>> On 21.01.2014 07:36, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
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>>> Il 21/01/2014 01:10, Mathieu Pellerin ha scritto:
>>>> +1, for two reasons:
>>>> * the advances function isn't needed for many types of qgis users
>>>> * the UI would benefit from re arrangements to make it more friendly
>>>> when users run
>>>> into it (ie a short paragraph above list box to explain what this is
>>>> about, like with
>>>> the crs selector)
>>> I also find the current setting quite intimidating for many, probably
>>> most, users.
>>> Should we open a ticket?
>>> All the best.
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