[Qgis-developer] [QGIS-UX] option to disable font vectorization in labels

Nyall Dawson nyall.dawson at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 12:45:16 PST 2014

On 22/01/2014 4:56 am, "Anita Graser" <anitagraser at gmx.at> wrote:
> Am 21.01.2014, 10:24 Uhr, schrieb Vincent Mora <vincent.mora at oslandia.com

>> - a composer option: you make the choice when you export to svg, in this
case you don't see the result until you open the svg
> Thanks for addressing this issue!
> For me, the most obvious place to put this option would be in the print
composer. Maybe close to the "print as raster" option?

I'm not a huge fan of this option, given that I'd like to keep the composer
window as clear of clutter as possible. I think output format specific
options like these (and saving svg to layers) should be put into a separate
dialog which appears after the save file dialog. Much like how
gimp/Photoshop/illustrator etc show a jpg quality dialog after choosing to
save a file as jpg. The settings could either be remembered globally or per
output filename.

My ultimate goal (I was going to run this by the ux list) is to move
infrequently used settings like resolution, page size/orientation, print as
raster, etc and the atlas settings to their own "composition properties"
dialog and then remove the need for the composition and atlas panels. Any
thoughts on this?

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