[Qgis-developer] [QGIS-UX] option to disable font vectorization in labels

Vincent Picavet vincent.ml at oslandia.com
Wed Jan 22 02:27:00 PST 2014


Le mardi 21 janvier 2014 21:45:16, Nyall Dawson a écrit :
> On 22/01/2014 4:56 am, "Anita Graser" <anitagraser at gmx.at> wrote:
> > Am 21.01.2014, 10:24 Uhr, schrieb Vincent Mora <vincent.mora at oslandia.com
> > 
> >> - a composer option: you make the choice when you export to svg, in this
> case you don't see the result until you open the svg
> > Thanks for addressing this issue!
> > For me, the most obvious place to put this option would be in the print
> composer. Maybe close to the "print as raster" option?
> I'm not a huge fan of this option, given that I'd like to keep the composer
> window as clear of clutter as possible. I think output format specific
> options like these (and saving svg to layers) should be put into a separate
> dialog which appears after the save file dialog. Much like how
> gimp/Photoshop/illustrator etc show a jpg quality dialog after choosing to
> save a file as jpg. The settings could either be remembered globally or per
> output filename.

-1 for another dialog window. It makes the user have to set another step to 
export before having a result. If you want to export the same composition work 
multiple times with different file names you would have to set this every time.
If you want QGIS to remember the settings, the user should have set it 
somewhere specifically. UX simplification is good, magic things happening behind 
the scene are not.
Generally im am more in favor of a "configure first, then execute" way of 
working than the opposite.
An intermediate solution could be to have an extended "save as" dialog box, 
with some options on the side.

> My ultimate goal (I was going to run this by the ux list) is to move
> infrequently used settings like resolution, page size/orientation, print as
> raster, etc and the atlas settings to their own "composition properties"
> dialog and then remove the need for the composition and atlas panels. Any
> thoughts on this?

Same, more dialog boxes is a -1 for me, panels are quick and convenient, and 
give a fast overview of things.
An option to hide or reduce them on the side would be preferable imho.

Only my personal opinion for what it's worth.


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