[Qgis-developer] [QGIS-UX] Revisiting behavior of composer guides

Anita Graser anitagraser at gmx.at
Thu Jan 23 12:59:23 PST 2014

Am 23.01.2014, 02:30 Uhr, schrieb Nyall Dawson <nyall.dawson at gmail.com>:
> - The alternative behavior is much more standard. A quick test shows
> me that Illustrator, Inkscape, Publisher, Scribus, Gimp, Photoshop and
> Indesign all use the drag a horizontal ruler to create a horizontal
> guide approach.

Definite +1 from me. There is no reason for QGIS do behave differently  
 from all these standard softwares. Please get the change in for 2.2

Thanks and best wishes,


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