[Qgis-developer] Cad-Input for QGIS prototype

Olivier Dalang olivier.dalang at gmail.com
Sat Jan 25 18:08:27 PST 2014

Dear list,

Some times ago, on this list, we discussed[1] about real CAD-like input for
QGIS, and since I do myself long for such a feature very much, I'd like to
reopen that discussion by *proposing a python prototype*.

I know there are already a few plugins aiming in that direction (CadTools,
ImprovedPolygonCapturing, NumericalInput and a few other).
They provide the functionality, but not the ease of use you can find in CAD
One key aspect is that they are all specific tools, and do not work with
other tools directly.

The prototype is inspired from Archicad's input method which allows to
combine numeric input with mouse input in a very efficient and flexible
manner, to get the best of both.
It is currently very raw and not well tested at all... It also relies on a
lot of dirty hacks, since the python API is not well suited for this type
of plugins (have a look at the README on the github page for more details).

*DEMO (video) : https://vimeo.com/85052231 <https://vimeo.com/85052231>*
*GITHUB (readme, download...) : https://github.com/olivierdalang/CadInput

Please, tell me what you think :

1) Concept
- Does this kind of input seem interesting to you ?
- How does it fit in a GIS-environment ? Since it comes from a CAD
environment, maybe it's more suited to designing than digitizing.

2) API/Core modifications (read
https://github.com/olivierdalang/CadInput#technical-notes )
- How do you see the suggested improvements ? Are they feasible ?
- Does developing this as a python plugin make sense, or does it have to be
in the core from the start ? (I'm not familiar with core developing)

3) Collaboration...
- Is anyone of you currently working on the same topic ?
- Would anyone have some time/interest in collaborating on this feature ?

4) Other ideas are welcome !

Thanks for your attention,



(To those from this discussion I cc'ed, I though you may be interested, I
hope you don't mind)
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