[Qgis-developer] Cad-Input for QGIS prototype

Olivier Dalang olivier.dalang at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 03:39:32 PST 2014

Hi !

Ok the plugin is published in the repo (with a nice icon for the occasion
;) ) ! Champagne !


I wanted to say that if you need a hand on implementing things in the API,
> I can help. Although I am by far not the most advanced programmer around, I
> am truly interested by your development. And I'm somehow in charge of the
> map tools ;)

*Help on the API is more than welcome ! (I'm too much of a newbie in C++ to
do any serious work).*

*I'd say the C and D improvements suggested in the readme are the easiest
and could be a good point to start.*

*The E improvement (an UI improvement rather than API improvement) would be
welcome also (and be appreciated beyond the scope of this plugin).*

*I'm not sure if the A use useful, but it should be easy to implement and
may be useful to other plugins.*

*B would probably require more work (refactoring every single map tool,
unless we integrate the snapping hack as a default implementation, which I
think is a very bad idea).*
*I'd say before doing something like this, it could be a nice idea to think
about the point I made in my last post about a more rigid base class for

Do you have a build environment? If so, while in the feature freeze period,
> we could work on a different branch.

*Yes, so testing another branch is no problem.*

By the way, was that a paid development or personal initiative?

*It is a personal initiative (i'm of course open to post-work sponsoring ;)


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