[Qgis-developer] Lidar data into QGIS

Geo DrinX geodrinx at gmail.com
Fri Jan 31 01:08:02 PST 2014

Hello Alvaro,

I just writed a program that displays in real time LiDAR point cloud data.

That program, named "LaserDrink" reads quickly TerraSolid Laser BIN format
( the father of LAS ... )  and writes a temporary WRL file that the Coin3D
viewer, then,  displays.
My temp WRL  contains the point cloud "class", or the "RGB" photo color, or
the color by height.   Also, the point aspect can be set, and it is
possible to display them greater or smaller, to realize a "3D photo" like

OK, this was LaserDrink.    BTW, with it, I could insert TODAY the support
in QGis of LiDAR poin cloud real time display.

Someone is interested ?




2014-01-31 A Huarte <ahuarte47 at yahoo.es>:

> Although I know you're going to try it in Vienna, I would like to recover
> the idea of creating a new type of layer (eg QgsPointCloudLayer) that
> inherits from QgsVectorLayer to provide all the basic vector functionality
> (including a new simplification of proximity to fast rendering), and add
> extra capabilities for these data types: output rasters, 3D profiles, 3D
> visualization in plugins ...
> Best Regards
> Alvaro
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> Il 30/01/2014 18:41, Larry Shaffer ha scritto:
> >> To revisit your original immediate need, does the output from Howard's
> >> Hexer tool visualize what you are looking for?
> >
> >> https://github.com/hobu/hexer
> Hi Larry,
> we do not have immediate needs, it's a mid-term goal to make LAS data
> available in QGIS.
> Thanks anyway for the suggestion, interesting; probably it would be good
> to check if there is something we can integrate or reuse.
> All the best.
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