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Luca Lanteri mescal72 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 31 01:12:25 PST 2014

Hi Andreas,

thanks for your prompt reply !
I start to use this useful function for a project ant it resolve to me a
lot of problem.

2014-01-31 Andreas Neumann <a.neumann at carto.net>:

> Hi Luca,
> I can't help with the labeling. At the time the point displacement
> renderer was developed (about 5 years ago), the labeling engine wasn't
> as advanced as it is today. So it wasn't an option and also not
> necessary to the project.
> I would not regard this as a bug request, but as a feature request and I
> guess it would a substantial bit of work to integrate the new labeling
> engine with the point displacement renderer.
> Ok, I thought that it was due to this problem. I can open a request
feature ticket, just to keep track of it.

> Do you have an idea how it should behave? I guess, depending on how many
> points there are there isn't a solution to perfectly label all points.

I have at least 4-5 point in the circle. My points stay in a layer,
geographically "linked" with another point layer (all point have the same
coord) that contain only 1 point. I have 2 kind of problem:
- the first one is when I have just 1 point in the first layer, so the
point is not drawn in a circle and  the two layer are overlapping. On kind
solution is to allow to displace point in a circle also when there is just
one point in a place.

- the second one is when I have more than 1 point and the label of the
displaced point overlapping with the second layer label.

> The point displacement renderer could also be improved to display points
> in a cluster, not just around the circle, but also inside the circle.
> This would be more complex to implement, but it would save map/screen
> space and would visually more pleasing.
> If you have funds available - please consider hiring a developer.

I can try to put this requests in my next commitment to qgis developers.

> Regarding the second issue: this may be a bug. Or in extreme cases - if
> you have many points at a single location - the circle could be so big
> that it is rendered outside of the visible rendered map area.
> I am also a user of the point-displacement renderer - so I would like to
> see improvments in this feature!

I noticed this bug also with 2 point and a small circle. I can investigate
deeper and try it also with 2.0 qgis version.

Thank you for bringing this up.

Thanks to you Andreas
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