[Qgis-developer] Navigation toolbar

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Wed Jul 2 00:40:06 PDT 2014


In addition to the discussion around the selection tool I would like to 
discuss a reduction of buttons in the navigation toolbar. I think it 
eats way too much screen-space by default. I'd like to suggest the 

1. get rid of the refresh button. I never use it. If you have to use it, 
than it is a bug in the software.
2. Potentially remove the "Zoom to Layer" button. It is available in the 
context menu of the layer and in the "View" menu, should you need it.
3. Potentially remove the "Zoom to native resolution button". I think it 
is good enough if this functionality is available in the "View" menu. Do 
people really use this function? Maybe with raster layers?
4. Potentially combine the touch zoom/and pan tool with the pan tool 
into a single tool. Is there a specific reason why both of these tools 
are available? Doesn't the "Touch zoom and pan" also support pan with 
the mouse?
5. Potentially combine the pan to selected and zoom to selected into a 
drop-down button menu, like we have with the measure or select tool.

Alternatively one could remove some of the buttons by default (see 
above) and allow people to re-add them through customization should they 
have the need.

What do people think?


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