[Qgis-developer] Compiling QGIS and C++ Application with QGIS Headers on Windows 8.1

Joshua Quesenberry engnfrc at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 08:11:46 PDT 2014

Have you all tried the QGIS Code Examples in the past few years? They don't
work with all the code changes that have been made. Could someone update
them so that they're actually doable?

I'm atleast at the point now where I can start trying to build code in
Visual Studio, which is a big improvement over where I was a few days ago.
Getting the cmake-gui setup was painful, I had to use a combination of
OSGeo4W64 directory, the QGIS repository, and the QGIS standalone install
directory to get to this point. Better instructions on how to setup all of
that on Windows would be great. I think the fact that I'm on a 64 bit system
and the of stuff needed is in both Program Files and Program Files (x86) is
breaking things. I'm also having to add a bunch of include directories to
the actual Visual Studio project settings; I thought CMake was responsible
for setting everything up?

Please help make this setup process more intuitive and update the code
examples so that they're actually usable.


Josh Q

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So if I'm understanding you correctly, I'll take the following actions:
	Uninstall VS2013 and replace it with VS2010 (since I'm running
Windows 8.1 and it's 64bit)
	Uninstall Qt 5.3 and replace it with Qt 4.x (assuming that the
specific subversion is negligible?) 	

Also, an unanswered part of this is do I need Windows SDK 7 with .NET 4? As
mentioned, the installation was completely hung up on my Windows 8.1
machine. I was thinking that the SDK and .NET were part of the Visual Studio
Express installation, but the INSTALL page seems to imply otherwise. Do I
instead need Windows 8.1 SDK with .NET 4.5 since I'm running Windows 8.1? Or
will the Visual Studio Express 2010 installation be sufficient? If I need
Windows SDK 7 with .NET 4 I may be in troble...


Josh Q

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Hi Joshua,

On Fri, 11. Jul 2014 at 09:29:11 -0400, Joshua Quesenberry wrote:
> I'm trying to follow the instructions on the INSTALL page 
> (http://htmlpreview.github.io/?http://github.com/qgis/QGIS/blob/master
> /doc/I
> NSTALL.html )
> My current setup is this:
> Windows 8.1
> Visual Studio Express 2013
> QGIS was standalone installed a month or so ago and is version 2.2.0 
> QT 5.3

QGIS doesn't support Qt 5.x yet.

If you want to use the dependencies from OSGeo4W, you'll have to use the
tools they were build with (especially the C++ dependencies like Qt; ie.
VC2008 on 32bit and VC2010 on 64bit).

If you build your own Qt using VC 2013 might also be an option.  But I'd
recommend to stick to INSTALL and use the dependencies from OSGeo4W.


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