[Qgis-developer] Some Questions about QGIS Server

Devdatta Tengshe devdatta at tengshe.in
Tue Jul 15 10:01:55 PDT 2014

Hi All,
I've been using QGIS Desktop for a 4 years now, and have recently started
exploring QGIS Server. I have used it for a couple of quick demos, but for
all my production needs I have always used GeoServer.
My background is in using ArcGIS, so the way QGIS Server works- where you
make a map in the desktop software & then publish that directly- feels more
natural than working with GeoServer, where you publish data separately and
style it separately.

Recently someone asked me to evaluate QGIS Server, and I have extensively
started using it and testing it out. I have a few questions about QGIS

1) Is there a Road-map for QGIS Server? Do you have an aim for this
project? Is it to become a Production ready Web mapping Server, or is it
for just testing?

2)Are there plans for a standalone setup for just the server part(For
Windows)? This is the user case: I have already installed Apache and QGIS
Desktop on my system. If I need QGIS server, I need to install a lot of
things using osGeo4w and then just copy the required things to my Apache.
(This procedure is documented here:
I know that I should probably log this as a feature request, but I thought
I'll ask before I do so.

3)I was making the WMS requests, and due to wrong/missing parameters, I was
getting HTTP 500 from the service. Are the cause of the errors logged
anywhere? I checked the Apache error logs, and they were not there.

4) The QGIS docs (
mentions a  ‘Publish to Web’ plugin. Where is this Plugin? I couldn't find
it in the plugins list.

Devdatta Tengshe
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