[Qgis-developer] Please tell me how I can speed-up QGIS development on Android

Matthias Kuhn matthias.kuhn at gmx.ch
Mon Jul 21 06:43:07 PDT 2014

Hi James

On 21.07.2014 13:08, Stott, James wrote:
> Just a quick question to make sure I have understood this correctly. 
> The github repository you linked to Matthias, that is a version of QGIS using qt5?
That is correct
> I have problems with display resolution (3200 x 1800) on my new work laptop (it's not just QGIS, there are other problems that look at rubbish also). The QGIS interface doesn't look so great. I have read that qt5 handles these things much better.
Are you referring to Qt5 in general or would it need QML support?
Anyway, I'll be very happy to hear what you find out.
> Is there anywhere I can get a windows installer for this from? If not I will attempt to build QGIS myself (haven't done it before).
I don't expect anybody has made one. You will most likely also need to
compile other dependencies for windows in order to make it work (qwt,
qwtpolar, pyqt maybe others?) because the versions in osgeo4w are all
compiled against qt4.
> If it is going to be qt5 for desktop QGIS then I am very keen to test - it's the main downside of my new machine.
I hope you have some success, I am sure you are not the only one.


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