[Qgis-developer] Stress about release plans

Bo Victor Thomsen bo.victor.thomsen at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 13:50:26 PDT 2014

Just to stretch my point -

  * I'm not argumenting for a "regular" LTS version in parallel with a
    development version including back-porting and patching to several
    versions of QGIS. I have developed software for 30 years; I know the
    efforts and pains of parallel versions :-/
  * I'm trying to make a case for taking every *third* development cycle
    and *minimizing* the addition of new features in this cycle and
    *maximizing *the bug fixing/testing/documentation effort.
  * Have a "clean-up" period for around one  month after the "bug-fix"
    version release. In this period every new bug fix should be added to
    both the "bug-fix" release and the new developer release (OK, some
    parallel patching to 2 QGIS versions).
  * After the clean-up period there would be a mandatory point release
    of the "bug-fix" release. And after that: No further work on this
    "bug-fix" version.

We can discuss the details and length of the different periods. But the 
main points is for every third development cycle: A minimum of new 
features and a maximum effort in 
bug-fixing/testing/translation/tutorials/documentation, i.e: all the 
"secondary" efforts in making good and stable software. With the current 
cycle periods there would be one "bug-fix" version every year. This 
period coincide - in my experience - with the minimum accepted time 
periods between software version updates in most large organisations.

Bo Victor Thomsen

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