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Lene Fischer lfi at ign.ku.dk
Tue Jul 22 23:58:54 PDT 2014

I´ve now been using-, bug reporting- and making tutorials for QGIS since 1.7 and I still find it difficult to make stable contributions in several ways: In this tread everyone write ‘more money’ or ‘Work together’

I want to donate time – but find it difficult to find a limited project. As everyone else I have a time consuming job, but find it both exiting and needed to be a part of this ‘movement’
What if we under Support on the front page make it easy to support in several ways:

-We make a matrix for testing for users. Having a set of standard data. A platform (windows/linux/MAC) and then a list of functions to test. I´m sure we are several users who would gladly take a job like this if it is limited and organized – because we can see the job being done and developers taking over. In one of my courses I introduced this to my students – they also found it brilliant to be able to participate.

- We make an addition to tutorials: Case based tutorials, where we can write a small summary/intro – incl. platform and version. Upload data and tutorial in our own form.( I don´t have time to re-write into a standard format)

- We make more exposure about the donation page. It is set on the front page – Good – but also mention it for our students, users of all kind - to donate. Micro donations  in the students beer-hut will be my next battle ☺

I love being a part of  QGIS!!!

Lene Fischer
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