[Qgis-developer] What about a qgis project add function ?

Brent Wood pcreso at pcreso.com
Sun Mar 2 09:27:15 PST 2014

I suggest a slightly different approach (which may not be all that different once the details are  worked out?) 

A project stores lots of info about more items than just a layer... but I often want to add a layer with the same style, actions, label, etc settings to several projects, or just to the current canvas without changing what is already in the canvas.

Does it seem useful to others to be able to store such info in a "layer setup" file rather than a QGIS project file, so layers can be opened with all such info attached & optionally read on opening? 


  Brent Wood

 From: Paolo Cavallini <cavallini at faunalia.it>
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Subject: Re: [Qgis-developer] What about a qgis project add function ?

Il 01/03/2014 22:07, Régis Haubourg ha scritto:

> I would love to call it "Add or embed from other project", and just add a
> checkbox choose embed or hard copy of the layers and groups. Existing dialog
> is already correct.
> I just ported Import Project plugin to 2.0 to satisfy that need. Just be
> aware that you need to give a new id to imported layers, to be able to
> import some layers n times. Code is quite simple, I would love to see that
> in core!

Merci Régis.
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