[Qgis-developer] Fwd: A pipinstall plugin is possible? First: What's the difference between the the Osgeo4w Shell?

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The only gotcha to this is that different plugins might require different
versions of dependencies. We also toyed around in the past with the idea of
each plugin having its own virtualenv for deps and then linking in the QGIS
provided site_packages dir into that virtualenv too.



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>>     What's the difference between the the Osgeo4w Shell?
>>> Windows doesn't ship with any version of Python. Yay Windows!  So we
>>> bundle our own.  I personally don't mind this so much because it's easier
>>> to control the setup if we bundle it.
>>> The main thing here is just including pip and easy_install in all the
>>> windows installs, standalone and osgeo4w.  Jurgen has told me that
>>> easy_install is included in the 64 bit versions but not 32 bit versions.
>>> Is
>>> that correct Jurgen?
>>> If pip is included we can easily have plugins tell us what they need and
>>> we can install them.
>> +1, this is exactly what I was imaging.
>> A requirements.txt for pip would be all that a dev should write.
> +1, this would be great (we currently manage and bundle deps in MetaSearch
> as a workaround).
> - we would have to make sure the requirements file is standardized
>   (others may have different / additional ones, like requirements-dev.txt,
>   pip-requirements.txt, etc.).
> - for MetaSearch, the requirements.txt file never makes it to the QGIS
>   runtime, so plugin providers would need to make sure it does
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