[Qgis-developer] export to dxf qgis 2.2 issues

Giuseppe De Marco demarco.giuseppe at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 16:04:45 PST 2014

using "save as" function from layer to export to dxf from a vector polygon
I ran into 2 issues:
1) export version of dxf cannot be opened by autocad 2009 unless converted by a
more recent version of autocad: wouldn't it be nice to have dxf
version to choose?
2) Polygon Vector gets exported only as hatching and not as polylines
which would
be the right way to export to dxf format.

at the moment for issue 2) there's a workaround: converting polygons
to lines function from Vector -->Geometry tools and then export to
dxf, but the issue 1)
still remains

Giuseppe De Marco

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