[Qgis-developer] export to dxf qgis 2.2 issues

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Sun Mar 9 05:32:20 PDT 2014


Starting from QGIS 2.2. there is an alternative DXF export. Look a the
"Project" --> "DXF Export" - which is not the same as the "Save layer
as". The first is a native exporter from QGIS, the second is through
OGR. The first does not support polyon fills, but better supports
dashing, labels, svg symbol to dxf converters, etc.

Neither of the two is perfect, but the "DXF Export" native exporter is
more powerful (export multiple layers at once, export the current map
extent, etc.)

If you still have troubles with the DXF export please consider to
sponsor its development. Marco Hugentobler from Sourcepole is the one to
contact if you want further improvements.

As to dxf version to choose from: the documentation of the DXF format is
not very complete. This unfortunately means that the newer DXF versions
are a lot of trial and error due to the lack of documentation. Blame
Autodesk for this ...


Am 08.03.2014 00:04, schrieb Giuseppe De Marco:
> hello,
> using "save as" function from layer to export to dxf from a vector polygon
> I ran into 2 issues:
> 1) export version of dxf cannot be opened by autocad 2009 unless converted by a
> more recent version of autocad: wouldn't it be nice to have dxf
> version to choose?
> 2) Polygon Vector gets exported only as hatching and not as polylines
> which would
> be the right way to export to dxf format.
> at the moment for issue 2) there's a workaround: converting polygons
> to lines function from Vector -->Geometry tools and then export to
> dxf, but the issue 1)
> still remains
> Giuseppe De Marco

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