[Qgis-developer] Common QGIS Plugin configuration accross multiple Linux users

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Sun Mar 9 17:29:41 PDT 2014

Actually there is a way to handle this.
Puppet http://puppetlabs.com/

The computers running a puppet client will check the master at a given
time interval any files not matching the master conf will be reverted.
You can also use this to install plugins or QGIS itself and repair the
installation of them easily.


PS: Yes windows machines can be puppet clients (server might need to be
a nix machine)

On 03/09/2014 02:19 PM, Zoltan Szecsei wrote:
> On 2014/03/09 22:48, Blumentrath, Stefan wrote:
>> Hi Richard,
>> A platform independent solution would be an elegant solution.
>> What we do (on Windows) is having a folder on a server containing QGIS
>> default settings (e.g. reg-files for DB-connections, Connections for
>> web services, but also, most popular plugins, map and print composer
>> templates). These default settings can be imported by the users by
>> executing a simple batch-script we produced for that purpose. If that
>> is of interest for somebody I could post the content of the .bat file...
>>  From that starting point, colleagues can adjust the default settings
>> to their personal needs and preferences...
> This is great - the extra step that I would like to see is that it is
> not only built in and automated, but has controls whereby an
> administrator could "force" certain PCs on the network to only be able
> to use the configs stipulated by the master installation of QGIS.
> When one is managing 15+ PCs it is not trivial to make sure that you
> have copied identical configs to all of them, and to know when someone
> has kindly messed up one of your production PCs.
> Rgds,
> Zoltan
>> Cheers
>> Stefan
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>>> ~/.qgis2
>>> and
>>> ~/.config/QGIS
>>> You could e.g. rsync the user plugin dirs from a central one, or put
>>> them in an nfs mount (read only might have issues as plugins try to
>>> write .pyc files or even write data to the plugin dir).
>>> The ~/.config/QGIS/QGIS2.conf is a standard ini style config file so
>>> you should be able to pick through it and awk/sed/bash your way to
>>> nirvana :-)
>> I'm actually thinking about to make this OS independent, by creating a
>> 'save QSettings' as file option. Then with a command line option you
>> would be able to (just before reading the QSettings) actually
>> read/write this settings file back into user settings. Thereby making
>> it possible to for example transfer a certain setup across a class
>> room (as long as the plugins are available in .qgis2 off cours).
>> Would this work? Or do I miss something?
>> Regards,
>> Richard Duivenvoorde
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