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Am 17.03.2014, 10:34 Uhr, schrieb Paolo Cavallini <cavallini at faunalia.it>:

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> My idea is the following:
> * I start an editing job > I select the Editing user profile > All the  
> useless icons
> and bars disappear, the editing toolbars go on the side, where I find  
> them more useful
> * I then go out in the filed, I select the Field profile, and again I  
> only have what
> I need, etc.
> All the best.

Hi Paolo,
took me a while till I figured out what you mean. I was a bit puzzled by  
the wording of user profile.
I think this would be a great UX-enhancement, especially for novices, to  
have something, I would call it presets or contexts, to filter the tool  
bars and other stuff. Beginners (and not only) are often overwhelmed by  
the sheer amount of buttons and sidebars etc.  So choosing a preset for  
your present focus which eliminates all unnecessary stuff will definitely  
decrease power-draying searches for the right tool and lower the learning  

Actually, the MS Office Ribbons are kind of such presets for different  
work areas.
Doing this with hundreds of plugins ( and another trizillion of plugins to  
come) for a lot more work environments sounds challenging ...
So you would need to have predefine context tags for plugins and their  
tool bars, create some best-practice presets, but still offer enough  
flexibility to customize that. Maybe by proposing additional plugins for a  
preset, that have the according tag?
That would be somehow revolutionary ...

Over and out

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