[Qgis-developer] Updating qgis2threejs

Minoru Akagi akaginch at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 18:57:28 PDT 2014


2014-03-21 17:52 GMT+09:00 Enzo Cocca <enzo.ccc at gmail.com>:
> I would have two ideas:
> 1 - the possibility to load files. Obj and / or. Ply

I have tried to place JSON objects on 3D terrain before (still in
local repository, see attached image). OBJ and PLY files might also be
possible to be loaded. However, these might be features for experts
because web server is required (It might be possible to avoid
cross-origin limitation by writing models into js file, but not easy
way) and all objects may not be displayed without any problems.

> 2 - to integrate a system like the plug-in html image map written by Richard
> Duivenvoorde in order to create a mini webgis
> In this way we could have a 2D map queryable together a 3D map displayed
> Do you think it might be a good idea?

Sounds good. Not only popup attribute list for clicked object but also
label placement would be good features.

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