[Qgis-developer] Problems editing WFS in QGIS

Scott Clark sctevl at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 06:58:31 PDT 2014

Upon further investigation it appears that WFS authentication is 
broken.  Further testing shows that the Add WFS dialog does not display 
layers that require basic auth - even when the login is supplied.  It 
will only show the public layers.  Note that the WMS auth works great 
for me.

When you try to edit a WFS-T, I believe it is also failing to use the 
supplied login info.  Which results in the error I'm seeing below.

I've added the additional details to the existing bug at 

Since this makes WFS of very limited use, is this planned to be fixed in 
an up-coming release?  I'll happily be a tester for this!


Scott Clark wrote:
> I've been having no success using the digitizing toolbar with WFS-T.   
> I'm using QGIS 2.2.0 with a GeoServer 2.4.  The layers are displaying 
> fine when added through the Add WFS dialog, and the editing UI is 
> functional.  However, on save, it fails (after freezing up QGIS for a 
> minute or so) with the following message:
> Could not commit changes to layer geonode:incidentes_copeco
> Errors: ERROR: 1 feature(s) not added.
> Provider errors:
> unhandled response: html
>   It's not specific to these layers and it fails on all of the layers 
> I pick.  I've successfully tested editing using WFS-T on this 
> particular server using both our OL3 and our mobile client.
>   Any ideas on workarounds or what might be going wrong?
> Thanks,
>  Scott
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