[Qgis-developer] Vienna hackfest: QGIS Legend discussion

Bernhard Ströbl bernhard.stroebl at jena.de
Wed Mar 26 02:24:17 PDT 2014

Hi Olivier,

Am 26.03.2014 09:29, schrieb Olivier Dalang:
> Hi again !
> *Bernhard Ströbl* :
>     - wouldn't it be more intuitive to left click on an icon (which
>     would then open the layer settings with the appropriate section).
>     Right clicking in the way you describe could be implemented
>     additionally.
> I think the left click on an icon could simply toggle the setting
> on/off. Opening the layer settings could be the first item in the
> context-menu + middle click + shift or control click, so it's easily
> accessible.
> But I agree the central place to define the settings should remain in
> the layer properties dialog (even if I find we should emphasize the
> distinction between data/layer a bit more in this dialog too).
>     - I would not put diagrams there as they are much more seldomly used
>     than labels. I think most common usage is the style but I cannot see
>     an icon for this in your mockup.
> I thought the icons would be shown only if relevant. Of course it makes
> no sense to display a "diagram" label for every layer, but it makes a
> lot of sense to display it for the one or two layers that do display
> diagrams. The user could delete those icons, which would simply disable
> them, and to display them again, one would have to reenable the
> corresponding feature from within the main layer properties dialog.
> And it's true that symbology the could be displayed as an icon too.
> Maybe one could have several symbologies on one layer, and clicking them
> would simply activate one (and deactivate the others), since toggling
> off a symbology doesn't make sense.

ok, makes sense to me but if different symbologies why not having 
different labels or different diagrams. This would become too 
complicated, I am afraid. One anything per layer is ok IMHO. If you need 
several symbologies use several layers or rules.

> One very powerful and intuitive feature would then be to be able to
> move/copy those icons from one layer to another. A very convenient an
> easy way to copy symbology/labelling style/snap settings etc. (I think I
> read some discussions about implementing the ability to
> copy/paste/import/export only parts of the layer's properties).

I like this idea!

> Again, that's exactly how C4D works, and it's very pleasant to use. I'd
> be happy to make some screencasts if you think it may make it more clear
> how this works.
>     - The current behavior (opening settings by double clicking/context
>     menu on the layer name) should stay. I understand your proposal as
>     an additional way to get there.
> Yes definitely.
> Régis Haubourg :
>     I would add another visibility state for layers that are checked,
>     but are
>     not visible due to scale visualisation threshold.
> True, that should be displayed in the legend too. It could be an icon
> too (again, this would allow for easy and consistent copy/move/enable).
> If the icons support different visual states.

Or better grey them out to be consistent with the rest (greyed out = not 
visible) but keep their check state. Layers could even be greyed out 
because they have no feature in the current map extent. So a grey layer 
name would indicate that you cannot see this layer in the current map. 
Possible reasons are:
1) layer is not set visible
2) scale thresholds are not matching current map scale
3) no features in current map extent

best regards


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