[Qgis-developer] Vienna hackfest: QGIS Legend discussion

Olivier Dalang olivier.dalang at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 04:41:03 PDT 2014

Hi !

*Bernhard Ströbl :*
> but if different symbologies why not having different labels or different
> diagrams. This would become too complicated, I am afraid.

Good point...
I'm not sure if would be a good idea to have the symbology as a tag
anyways, since every layer will necessarily have one, and it's a bit more
than just an optional addition to a layer, like the other tags are. The
only thing I'd like about having the symbology as a tag, is that it would
be easy to copy styles from one layer to another. But maybe, the current
copy/paste style is enough, especially since it's not that frequent to copy
symbologies from one layer to another.

Bernhard Ströbl :

> Or better gray them out to be consistent with the rest (grayed out = not
> visible) but keep their check state. Layers could even be grayed out
> because they have no feature in the current map extent. So a grey layer
> name would indicate that you cannot see this layer in the current map.
> Possible reasons are:
> 1) layer is not set visible
> 2) scale thresholds are not matching current map scale
> 3) no features in current map extent

Ok for 1&2, but I find 3 is an overkill. Not seeing the content because of
looking somewhere else doesn't mean the data is hidden. It may make the
whole graying out of invisible layers thing less readable.
But another reason to gray out would be "the data source is unavailable".

I updated the mockup, with the aligned tags. I find it more clear and it
may solve the concern of the width for small screens : it would be possible
to completely fold the tags part (and maybe even the sources part), so to
display  the legend as it is now.

About the opacity/blending mode, I think the most consistent UI
implementation would be to use tags as well : any layer with no (or
disabled) blending tag has 100% + normal (or "transfer" for groups).
Changing those would require a blending tag.

I'll see if I manage to open a wiki page so once we've got an agreement on
the mockup we can keep reference to it.



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