[Qgis-developer] Vienna hackfest: QGIS Legend discussion

Bernhard Ströbl bernhard.stroebl at jena.de
Thu Mar 27 05:11:49 PDT 2014

Hi Olivier,

first: I like the new mockup, more comments below

Am 27.03.2014 12:41, schrieb Olivier Dalang:
> Hi !
> *Bernhard Ströbl :*
>     but if different symbologies why not having different labels or
>     different diagrams. This would become too complicated, I am afraid.
> Good point...
> I'm not sure if would be a good idea to have the symbology as a tag
> anyways, since every layer will necessarily have one, and it's a bit
> more than just an optional addition to a layer, like the other tags are.
> The only thing I'd like about having the symbology as a tag, is that it
> would be easy to copy styles from one layer to another. But maybe, the
> current copy/paste style is enough, especially since it's not that
> frequent to copy symbologies from one layer to another.

I would not say that ... besides copying labels or diagrams might be 
even more seldom. In order to be consistent I would favour symbology as 
a tag, too. Why do I have to use a context menu to copy the style while 
I can make a simple drag and drop for the diagram?

> Bernhard Ströbl :
>     Or better gray them out to be consistent with the rest (grayed out =
>     not visible) but keep their check state. Layers could even be grayed
>     out because they have no feature in the current map extent. So a
>     grey layer name would indicate that you cannot see this layer in the
>     current map. Possible reasons are:
>     1) layer is not set visible
>     2) scale thresholds are not matching current map scale
>     3) no features in current map extent
> Ok for 1&2, but I find 3 is an overkill. Not seeing the content because
> of looking somewhere else doesn't mean the data is hidden. It may make
> the whole graying out of invisible layers thing less readable.

Hm, difficult, I could argue "looking with a different scale does not 
mean the data is hidden". The map canvas has a current scale and a 
current view port. Why should only the scale qualify for graying out and 
not the viewport?

> But another reason to gray out would be "the data source is unavailable".

good addition


> I updated the mockup, with the aligned tags. I find it more clear and it
> may solve the concern of the width for small screens : it would be
> possible to completely fold the tags part (and maybe even the sources
> part), so to display  the legend as it is now.
> About the opacity/blending mode, I think the most consistent UI
> implementation would be to use tags as well : any layer with no (or
> disabled) blending tag has 100% + normal (or "transfer" for groups).
> Changing those would require a blending tag.
> I'll see if I manage to open a wiki page so once we've got an agreement
> on the mockup we can keep reference to it.
> Best,
> Olivier
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