[Qgis-developer] [BUGFIX] 9234 - WFS client doesn't expose Header Authorization

rldhont rldhont at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 04:01:47 PDT 2014

Hi devs,

I have opened a pull request to fix the bug #9234 - WFS client doesn't 
expose Header Authorization.

Like for the others OGC providers: WMS and WCS, the user can set the
login and password to access to WFS protected data. But the QGIS WFS
provider doen't expose header authorization. It doesn't use login and
This mean that QGIS is not able to acces to WFS protected Data. It can't 
be used to edit vector data through the web with user adminsitration.

I would like to see this fix backported so that we don't have to wait 4 
months before we can use QGIS to edit data through WFS with authorization.


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