[Qgis-developer] Customized Android QGIS App Offer

Integracao mt integracaomt at gmail.com
Sat May 24 19:27:22 PDT 2014

We are a private company in need for a customized version of the QGIS app
for Android.
We have the nightly build version running, but the buttons are small and
it's not very touch friendly. There are issues with the windows, anything
maximized becomes out of range, so the alternative we found to restore that
window to its original place is erasing data (no need to uninstall).
We use SM-T210 tablets, the 7 inches one. Maybe a tablet with higher
resolution would allow us to use windows rightly, but we cannot change
tablets now, so what we need is a customized version of the Android app.
It also needs to interact with other apps, run data queries in Spatialite
and open PDF files using points' attributes.
Candidates may send offers to integracaomt at gmail.com
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