[Qgis-developer] Coments re QGIS 2.3.0 master, code rev a3628a6

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at geograph.co.za
Wed May 28 08:31:12 PDT 2014

I've been using Valmiera, but thought I'd give 2.3 a try.
Very impressed with the rendering, but one practical issue has come up:

I'm loading 1.17m polygons.
Part way through rendering, I recognise the area I want to zoom to, so I 
simply zoom right in (yay +1 for multi-threading).

Now comes the problem: How do I know when the rendering has fully completed?

I see a few of my polygons appear, then seemingly nothing happens for a 
good few seconds, and then another clump of polygons appear.
Until I have waited for a good while, do I start wondering is the 
rendering is still happening, or if I have holes in my data.

Is it possible to (perhaps) change the background colour of the word 
"render" in the bottom right corner to say red when a rendering thread 
is active, and then back to grey (or even green) when all rendering 
threads have completed?

Just a thought

Regards and well done.


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