[Qgis-developer] Attribute-table-to-CSV trouble

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Fri Jan 30 01:42:54 PST 2015

Il 30/01/2015 10:03, Blumentrath, Stefan ha scritto:
> Sounds good. Generally, it would be a significant improvement if the
> "Export function" in DB manager could allow other formats than shape.
> Here I think esp. of SQLite-ish formats for example, since shape is
> limited to 2GB and column names will probably have to be truncated
> and so on...

exactly - probably good to open a ticket, if not already

> Regarding CSV-export however, I would expect that at least "copy and
> paste" and "Save as" is something users may frequently try (as it is
> probably also most natural to do so). So these functions should not
> fail easily or be dependent on data source (of course millions of
> records do not necessarily fit into memory in case of copy/paste),
> what do you think?

copy-paste, as you noted, is fragile, and I would not particularly
encourage its use. Save as... however should work.

> Is the OGR ID trouble a GDAL/OGR issue, or would it help if QGIS
> would provide the -preserve_fid option?

AFAIK it's a GDAL issue - perhaps you could check if ogr2ogr works for
you, and open the ticket where appropriate? (gdal or qgis)

> Do you want me to open ticket(s), also for the plugin issues never
> the less? BTW, I could not find the bug tracker for mmqgis, the links
> in the QGIS plugin homepage only lead to the plugin home page, which
> does not seem to have a bug tracker...

This is a long standing problem. I'm gradually trying to convince new
plugin authors to add a code repo and a bugtracker; for older plugins,
we have to ask. Perhaps a direct email to the author could help.

All the best, and thanks for raising the issue.
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