[Qgis-developer] QGIS freezes when wheelzooming own QGIS Server (https) WMS

Marc Beiling beiling at gbd-consult.de
Tue May 12 06:50:07 PDT 2015

Dear List-members,

i have a Problem with a WMS from my own QGIS Server. Its on a
self-signed https Server. QGIS is able to load the wms and when I use
the ZoomIn/Out-Tool (magnifying glasses) everything works fine. As soon
as I zoom in with the Mousewheel more than two scale-levels at once,
however, QGIS freezes/crashes. I also tried a wms serving the
qgis-server-wms over my mapproxy instance. Same Result.

There is the QGIS Server example project called
natural_earth_110million.qgs. When I use this project locally and add my
mapproxy-wms to this project even wild wheel-zooming works, but only as
long as i dont delete the layers 'Claciated Area' (Vector) and 'Shaded
Relief' (Raster). This seems starnge to me.


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