[Qgis-developer] Release schedule discussion - again

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Tue Oct 13 00:28:32 PDT 2015

Il 13/10/2015 09:09, Andreas Neumann ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> Thanks all for joining the discussion.
> My main concern, is about quality, not so much about the exact number of
> months between the releases - and I have the impression that given the
> current situation (not enough test coverage, large parts of the codebase
> untested, still large chunk of code go into master without
> QGEP/discussion/cross review) - that we cannot deliver good quality with
> such a rapid pace.

Hi Andreas,
I agree with you, I think you touched very important points for our
future. We discussed about this in the past, but now IMHO we are in a
much better position, because we can think of QGIS as essentially
feature complete (OK, we are never complete, but most people can do
almost all they need even with the "oldish" LTR).
So slowing down the pace of new features, and shifting the attention to
more quality, is now more feasible than ever.
This could be done being more rigid about acceptance of new features, e.g.:
* always request a QEP with a proper discussion before merging (open
questions: possibly also a vote? a consensus? by the community or by the
* only accept code with proper test coverage, and leave it pending until
it has it.
However, ultimately the issue is about resources: we should be able to
communicate our [enterprise|large|power] users that investing in code
quality is good for them. IMHO, with a couple of developers paid full
time for this, things will improve dramatically; without that, we'll
struggle. And all this regardless of the frequency of releases.

All the best.
Paolo Cavallini - www.faunalia.eu
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