[Qgis-developer] Release schedule discussion - again

Larry Shaffer larrys at dakotacarto.com
Wed Oct 14 04:58:50 PDT 2015


On Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 3:19 AM, Richard Duivenvoorde <rdmailings at duif.net>

> Work hard on 2.14 AND docs for it, to be the last but most stable 2.x
> version ever by being very carefull about what put in 2.13 (maybe a
> (big)feature freeze)
> Then after 2.14 concentrate on moving to Python3/Qt5, so general users
> can stick to 2.14 for a loooong time, and dev's have some extra time to
> get the 3.0/Qt5/Python3 work done?

+1000 for this approach. An LTR branch (released on the schedule already
set) should *absolutely* be the release prior to a major overhaul, like
with 3.0/Qt5/Python3, if possible.

I would add that LTR is something that has been very well received by sys
admins doing very large rollouts. It would be very detrimental to the
project to miss/skip ANY LTR release, especially just after making inroads
to these enterprise users, and harmful to the project's future if the LTR
(or some concept of long term stability) is not always part of the release

With regards to Mac and Qt4 support, it may be that even an LTR 2.14
release will have a very short lifespan, given that the next Mac OS upgrade
will probably significantly break Qt4; and, I seriously doubt there will be
people wanting to resurrect Qt4 again.


Larry Shaffer
Dakota Cartography
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