[Qgis-developer] Improving ftools geoprocessing tools

João Gaspar joao.f.r.gaspar at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 04:30:40 PDT 2015

Dear QGIS Developers,

I'm writing on behalf of my employer, a company that has mixed,
proprietary and open source (especially QGIS of course) gis
infrastructure, with qgis being adopted each day a little more.
Actually in our migration path we have found a road blocker: the very
bad performances (and sometimes results) of most of geoprocessing
tools in the vector menu. Yes I know that there are alternatives in
the Processing toolbox, but that is not an option for most of our very
basic users: they need to do simple operations (clips, unions,
intersections, etc.) with usually very large/detailed vectors (usually
shapefiles). In this scenario QGIS usually chokes or is at best very
slow (compared to other gis packages, the ones we are trying to get
rid of).

What can be done to improve this tools? Rewriting the tools to improve
efficiency and accuracy?

We available some funds: this is the first time I convince people
above me to put some money in QGIS development, and a decision would
need to me made until the end of November tops, otherwise money will
be used otherwise.

Please leave advice and feedback.

João Gaspar
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