[Qgis-developer] no grass plugin in qgis installed from osgeo4w

Pedro VenĂ¢ncio pedrongvenancio at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 12:30:25 PDT 2015


> I've installed grass and qgis (2.12) from the osgeo4w installer 32 bits (
> https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo4w/), using "Advance install". To get grass
> plugin, I also selected from Libs:
> qgis-grass plugin (for grass64)
> qgis-grass plugin common
> qgis-grass plugin7 (for grass7)
> Both, testing with grass7.0.2RC1-1 and grass7.0.1-1, I do not find grass
> plugin in Plugin --> Manage and Install Plugins. Using QGIS with grass64
> works fine and plugin is there, though.
I confirm this.

I've installed

qgis-rel-dev 2.12.0-3
qgis-dev 2.13.0-3

and I get GRASS 7 plugin working properly, using grass 7.0.1-1 and running
qgis-rel-dev-g7.0.1.bat and qgis-dev-g7.0.1.bat, respectively.

I also installed qgis 2.12.0-1 (qgis: QGIS Desktop), and running
qgis-grass7.bat, I don't have the GRASS 7 plugin.

Moreover, if I try to uninstall grass I get:

grass (7.0.2RC1-1)
GRASS GIS - stable release
Required by: qgis-dev, qgis-grass-plugin7, qgis-rel-dev
So, it seems that it is not a dependency for 2.12.0-1, which leads to
suspect that this version was not compiled with grass 7. Am I wrong?

Veronica, please install qgis-rel-dev 2.12.0-3 instead of qgis 2.12.0-1.

Best regards,
Pedro VenĂ¢ncio
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