[Qgis-developer] project participation on GitHub

Niccolo' Marchi sciurusurbanus at hotmail.it
Wed Oct 28 06:11:11 PDT 2015

Hi all,
I'm back using FUSION lidar tools' and I can see that there are some 
things that need to be changed in the interface to make all the tools work.

I'm not a programmer and I know very basics about python, but I tested 
my modifications on personal .py files; now I would participate to the 
changes in master, in order not to change manually the files at every 
new release.

may I join the dev group only for these small changes? how can I do it?
many thanks in advance!

all the best,


In the while: is anyone able to explain me why the text "[optional]" 
appears in the input parameters even where is not specified? (before 2.4 
this didn't happen)

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