[Qgis-developer] [Server] performance questions

Régis Haubourg regis.haubourg at eau-adour-garonne.fr
Tue Feb 23 06:20:57 PST 2016

Hi all, 
we are working on using qgis server here and we face some performance issues
on big data sets. Cache is not an option for those layers that will be
edited by users. Currently performances are not acceptable for production
uses.  Here is a couple of questions that I could not answer by myself on
the net:

1- Clarifying multithread on server side vs multithread on desktop:

We use qgis 2.12 server from qgis repository for debian on a 4 core Xeon
(2.1Ghz) + 16Go RAM. 

We configured apache2 with MPM worker and we have a pool of 10
qgis_mapserv.fcgi waiting for client request. 
The behaviour here is that one client will only consume one fcgid process,
when desktop can use several processes to make some parallel rendering of
project layers. 
When having QGIS desktop  using only one thread, I have similar rendering
time. The difference is purely proportionnal to CPU speed difference. 
Did we miss something in configuration process or is that the intended
behavior? I did try to use QGIS_OPTION_PATH on a QGIS2.ini but I really
can't be sure it is really being used.
Do QGIS packages miss the multithread option on compile cmake options? 
If this is expected, does the web architecture would allow to have fcgid do
parallel rendering like desktop? Would that be a big work (I could partly
fund that)?

2- Overhead on first request with postgres complex view compared to

We have almost only postgis views being used as QGIS layers. Qgis server
builds get capabilities and requests views to get extent and primary keys.
There is a severe overhead for the first wms request by a client session.
When generating the image takes about 7s, the first request can take from 24
to 30s. Desktop multihreaded will get the image in about 3s (same postgres
server, same network). 
That overhead starts to become annoying on desktop side too, but it's only
qgs loading time, once in a work session. Does someone have any idea that
one day postgis could collect such metadata on views so that QGIS do not
have to scan all rows when data are in views? Direct access to tables, or
same project with shp datasources do not show that overhead on server nor in

Thanks for your hints, 


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