[Qgis-developer] [DB Manager][Oracle] No key field for query given

Médéric Ribreux mederic.ribreux at medspx.homenet.org
Wed Jan 13 01:18:38 PST 2016

Le 2016-01-06 12:40, René-Luc Dhont a écrit :
> Hi devs,
> A customer and I have some troubles with "DB Manager" and "Oracle".
> Every times we load an SQL query to layer, we get the log message:
> * No key field for query given
> To verify where the issue comes from, I wrote n python script to test
> loading an SQL query to layer with a keyColumn specified. I can load
> the SQL query.
> I'd like to know if others have the same issue ?
> I didn't know about QStandardItemModel, and I do'nt know if
> `uniqueFieldName =
> self.uniqueModel.item(self.uniqueCombo.currentIndex()).data()` well
> gets defined primary key in dlg_sql_window.sql
> Regards,
> René-Luc
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Hello René-Luc,

I have made some tests and found this bug too...
The main problem is that self.uniqueModel is filled with quoted column 
For Oracle provider, giving a quoted uniqueColumn in a uri to create a 
QgsVectorLayer results in an invalid layer.
If you remove the quotes, the layer becomes valid.

The problem doesn't occur with geomFieldName because for this ComboBox, 
we use currentText() to grab the column name (geom column is then 

I can make a pull request for DBManager Oracle Plugin with the following 
modification in plugin.py:
         uri.setDataSource(u"", u"({})".format(sql), geomCol, filter, 
instead of
         uri.setDataSource(u"", u"({})".format(sql), geomCol, filter, 

to deal with quote deletion. I can't find another quick and clean way to 
do it...

What do you (devs) think ?


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