[Qgis-developer] [DB Manager][Oracle] No key field for query given

René-Luc Dhont rldhont at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 04:04:50 PST 2016

Hi Médéric, and Hi devs,

Thanks for the code. I have tested it and created a pull-request.

I'd like to know who is in charged to review DB manager Oracle plugin to 
assigne it

If it is good, i'll merge it and cherry-pick it to 2.12.


Le 13/01/2016 10:18, Médéric Ribreux a écrit :
> Le 2016-01-06 12:40, René-Luc Dhont a écrit :
>> Hi devs,
>> A customer and I have some troubles with "DB Manager" and "Oracle".
>> Every times we load an SQL query to layer, we get the log message:
>> * No key field for query given
>> To verify where the issue comes from, I wrote n python script to test
>> loading an SQL query to layer with a keyColumn specified. I can load
>> the SQL query.
>> I'd like to know if others have the same issue ?
>> I didn't know about QStandardItemModel, and I do'nt know if
>> `uniqueFieldName =
>> self.uniqueModel.item(self.uniqueCombo.currentIndex()).data()` well
>> gets defined primary key in dlg_sql_window.sql
>> Regards,
>> René-Luc
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> Hello René-Luc,
> I have made some tests and found this bug too...
> The main problem is that self.uniqueModel is filled with quoted column 
> names.
> For Oracle provider, giving a quoted uniqueColumn in a uri to create a 
> QgsVectorLayer results in an invalid layer.
> If you remove the quotes, the layer becomes valid.
> The problem doesn't occur with geomFieldName because for this 
> ComboBox, we use currentText() to grab the column name (geom column is 
> then unquoted).
> I can make a pull request for DBManager Oracle Plugin with the 
> following modification in plugin.py:
>         uri.setDataSource(u"", u"({})".format(sql), geomCol, filter, 
> uniqueCol.strip(u'"'))
> instead of
>         uri.setDataSource(u"", u"({})".format(sql), geomCol, filter, 
> uniqueCol)
> to deal with quote deletion. I can't find another quick and clean way 
> to do it...
> What do you (devs) think ?

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