[Qgis-developer] Managing Python dependencies automatically for the user

Pablo Fernández Moniz pablofernandezmoniz at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 08:06:21 PST 2016


 We are currently developing a QGIS plugin were we wish to generate some
Excel files as output.

 In order to build the spreadsheet file we need to use some python modules
installed from pip (openpyxl, xlwt, etc). This dependency will force every
user to manually install the needed package form the pip repository.

 This situation leaves us with the following question: is possible or it
will be in the future to manage this kind of dependencies from QGIS side
when the user installs the plugin?

 Thank you for your time!

 Kind regards.


Pablo Fernández Moniz
GIT Analyst

Web <http://www.pablofm.com>    Linkedin
<http://www.linkedin.com/in/pablofernandezmoniz/>   Twitter
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