[Qgis-developer] Feature freeze exception for file icons? Sorry...

Luigi Pirelli luipir at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 11:36:15 PST 2016

I read the PR and I saw it was stopped for days for problems not
related with the PR itself, btw was your resonsability to rise the
attention before the feature freeze (you did 10 minutes later!). IMHO
it could be included especially if it was already discussed with the
UX group.

my 2c
Luigi Pirelli

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On 16 January 2016 at 13:33, Alexandre Neto <senhor.neto at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm sorry to be the one opening this door (this time) and, OFC, I fully
> understand a big "No" as an answer.
> I have created icons for QGIS files. I have started to create them only for
> the main file formats and then extended for data files as well. I have
> gathered opinions from others in UX mailing list and I have created Pull
> Request #2630 long before feature freeze, hoping to see them land on the
> next LTR version.
> Not being merged now, means that for LTR users this will only be available
> in almost a year since now.
> So, since this PR has no impact on the QGIS code itself and it's not
> actually a feature, would it be possible to make an exception and merge the
> PR?
> I'm fully aware that it leads to extra work on the packaging side, and I
> would love to minimise that as far as I could. For instance, I could keep it
> only to the main files (qgs, qml, qlr, qpt).
> Thank you very much,
> Alexandre Neto
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